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What does it mean to work at SahyaVentures ?

  • Learn to manage Instagram, Facebook groups, Facebook page, meetup groups.

  • Learn Event creation, Event posting on social media, event hosting websites

  • Learn to Create email campaigns

  • Write blogs about our travel and events

  • Improve your skills 

  • You have freedom to grow your work & explore.

  • Here responsibilities are  high , Work is busy but people love what they do.

Social Media Expert / Manager

Computer literate and tech savvy, should be able to communicate ideas and instructions in a defined and simple way.

Understand social media networking and willing to learn more with a passion to deliver – ever ready to explore.

What you need to come with:

  • Prior Experience would be advantage

  • Understanding of Social Media Platforms like Facebook , Instagram , TripAdvisor , Gmail.

  • Good communication skills both written / verbal are a must. 

Content Creator

Write thought provoking articles, research the world of trekking, add more trek information to our website, and interview experts in the field. 

Outside writing, you also get opportunities to make videos, shoot photographs and be part of activities that help people understand our vision,values and goals.  

What you need to come with:

  • Prior Experience would be advantage

  • Personal Device - Mobile / Laptop / Camera / Drone etc.

Image by Nathan Lemon


  • This can be full-time /  part-time / freelancer job.

  • Successful applicant will be paid as agreed on monthly basis.

  • For the Content Creator (Photographer / Drone Pilot / Cinematographer) pay is based on trek/event.

Image by gryffyn m

Be a Part of the SahyaVentures Team !

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